Patient Testimonials

Thank You ORC Chicago Updating my previous post. My Husband recently had Arthroscopy Surgery and All I can say is you guys did a remarkable Job. Dr. R. Levi, Sherrie Newman, Yesenia Espinoza are You're a #1 Class Act. Not to mention the office staff, they’re true professionals. Today I met Miriam & Vickie(Newby) Thank you guys for everything.. We truly appreciate you. I will be referring friends & family here, so get ready!!!!

Charlene A W

Dr. Roberto Levi was recommended to me almost 15 years ago by my physician. Since then he has treated me for joint and bone related conditions and both he and his son have operated on me. They are skilled surgeons and precise diagnosticians, however, more importantly, they are patient and compassionate.

I'm 57 years old and their care over the years has allowed me to be physically active and continue going to the gym 4-5 times a week. They have a great team of physical therapists onsite who have coached me to recovery numerous times. We all "bully" our bodies at times when we work out, which in turn causes injuries. Their team has taught me that even the simplest things such as proper positioning when lifting weights can make the difference between strengthening or injuring.

Thank you to both Dr. Levi's for helping me stay in one piece while staying active!

Patricia P

Dr. Gabriel Levi and his father are great doctors! They help me tremendously. They have alleviated my knee pain to the point where I can walk, ride a bike, and run again without any pain! I will always appreciate Dr. G Levi and Dr. R Levi very much, and would recommend anyone who is having knee problems. They are true miracle workers!

I am writing this on behalf of my Aunt Columba Preciado. We are very satisfied with the total knee replacement performed by Drs. Gabriel and Robert Levi. She was up and took a few steps the same day of surgery and walked the hospital corridor the next day. The amazing part and may not be the case for everyone was she did not have any pain. We all expected pain based on everything you hear from other patients. This was not her experience. When I asked some of the nurses at the hospital about the lack of pain, the nurses said "Dr. Levi does his surgeries a little different and his patients do better, can walk sooner and have less pain." This was absolutely true in Columba's case. She continued rehab with a walker for only one more day then went back to the 4 prong cane but was able to stop using that within 4 days.

We continued to be amazed because she was able to use a regular cane and does not even feel she needs that but to be safe she uses it when she goes out. This is unbelievable for a woman who was hunched over and struggling not to fall. Columba had struggled with her knee for many years and used a 4 prong cane. She developed back and leg problems from walking, leaning toward one side. It had also affected her balance and the ability to travel and use public transportation. Columba was a very independent woman but her knee forced her to stay home. This has all changed she is traveling, able to go out alone and pain free. Her only regret is that she suffered for so long and did not have the surgery sooner. She lost years with the bad knee. Columba did everything Dr. Levi told her. When they recommended 6 weeks of physical therapy before the surgery we thought why but went. Dr. Levi said " I am replacing your knee not all the muscles so you need to strengthen them. They were great explaining all aspects of the procedure and how tendons that have been lazy or loose will now be tightened so it is important to work them.

Maybe that is also the reason the surgery was a great success. She got to know many of Dr. Levi's other patients pre-and post op and she was a bit of a celebrity. Some of them are worried about their surgery but she encouraged them to get it done and not suffer any longer. Plus seeing her workout for weeks afterward really helped. We found his staff to be warm, very attentive, everyone the physical therapists, nurses, scheduler, receptionists, billing insurance staff, they were great and almost everyone spoke Spanish, which Columba needed. I told Dr. Levi that if I every need a knee replacement or any other ortho procedures, I will come right to him. We are very pleased with Drs. Levi and would highly recommend them.

Bertha and Columba